At the start of 2004, following the tradition of politically inspired punk bands such as The Clash and Dead Kennedys, a central member of Akiakane, Moe(guitar, vocals) began playing a distinct dual guitar sound that balances catchy harmonies and punk energy with provocative lyrics. In "1945", Moe reminds us that a pilot's sacrifice would not go in vain, while "Kaze To Tomoni" expresses a pilot's own feelings about fighting away from home. Finally "Uncle Sam", the band's most provocative song, questions America's international affairs "from MacArthur to Bush."

While their music addresses their own domestic concerns, Akiakane also began to raise awareness of the growing tension between Taiwan and China. Their support for an independent Taiwan from China began several years ago, when former band Softball was invited to perform at the annual Say Yes To Taiwan festival, a series devoted to the independence of Taiwan. In February, with the support of record label Einstein Records, the Say Yes To Taiwan concert series saw its first overseas show in Tokyo. With over 50 Japanese bands declining to perform in fear of political pressure from China, they realized that conservative thinking is not only caused by politicians or the media, but also a lack of participation from common people.

With a renewed sense of responsibility, Akiakane headed to Taiwan to take part in a 2.2 million human chain protest against China's nuclear missle program, followed by a performance in front of the government building, which was televised across Taiwan and under China's watchful eye. Their efforts were appreciated by President Chen Shui-bian, who publicly shook hands with the members at a ceremony.

Such encounters with influencial people have inspired the band and helped shape their courageous attitude. Among her interviews, Moe was able to talk to former WWII navy pilot Takeshi Maeda, whose actions at Pearl Harbor eventually lead to a dedication towards peace. Realizing its importance, Takeshi has travelled across the world to spread his messages, in hopes of bridging different cultures and generations. And with that in mind, Akiakane brings their own messages about peace to future generations across the world.

In 2005, Akiakane's single CD and album CD took No,1 of Tower records indies sales chart in japan.
In May 2006, full album "KASUMISOU" has been released from ASIANMAN RECORDS.
In February 2007, Akiakane joined in "SPIRIT OF TAIWAN FESTIVAL" at soccer stadium in Taiwan.
In March 2007,Akiakane toured around Europe(United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium).

What is meaning of AKIAKANE?

"AKIAKANE" means one of red dragonfly's name,and red dragonfly is "akatombo" in japanese. "akatombo" is a title of japanese old song, and all japanese have sang this song for a long time. "akatombo" reminds us the sunset, the countryside scenes in the old good period and kind hearts of our ancestors. This song is very sad ,but japanese have loved it so much. Then, the airplane which young pilots rode for training was also named "akatombo" . uType 93 advanced trainer airplanev are the orange body and two wings. When they flew through the rural scenery of countryside at the sunset, farmers called them "akatombo" because their flying form looked like "akatombo". At the end of W.W.2,japan had lost many veteran pilots and airplanes for fight. Though "akatombo" was only for training, when state of war deteriorates , many young pilots rode "akatombo"with 250kg bomb to do KAMIKAZE attack. They saved their loving family,friends and home country at the cost of their own lives. I think we shouldn't forget their courage and kindness, and we have to learn something important from this sad history. So,we named our band"AKIAKANE" to remember those things.